Amazing Connections

“If not for the beautifully written piece, Naomi and I would not have found each other. Thank you. Thank your father from beyond for us, please!”

Unlike some other web sites of mine, I have no misgivings about hosting and developing This site gives insight into our families, shares examples of Patrick and Stephanie’s creativity and musicality, and illustrates the importance of intellectual conversation, whimsical chats, and the joy of puns.

A few days ago a couple of comments appeared on a posting called Norman’s Story. The first, from a woman named Bonnie, explained that she is Norman’s daughter, the one described in the story at age 16. The second posting came from Naomi, Bonnie’s cousin, and confirmed Bonnie’s tale.

I wrote to both women with introductions, but have no further details that I can share with them. If anyone else can help by telling more Norman stories, send them to me and I’ll be happy to share on this site, or just privately with his family if that’s your preference.

I am reminded of a page of eulogies that I’ve maintained over the years. I”ve been contacted about those more than once, and in one case I was able to help a lost son reconnect with his father’s family. I believe that I may slowly migrate those eulogies to this web site, which has more visibility and a broader audience.

The quote at the top of this posting is excerpted from e-mail I received shortly before the new year. I’m happy that Patrick’s writings helped Bonnie and Naomi reconnect. He would have enjoyed a good chuckle about that, and would then spewed forth more stories of Norman and life in the Clot. Perhaps there are some in his files that I’ve not yet discovered. When I do, I promise to add them to this site. In the mean time, I wish you all a very happy new year.

P.S. Thanks, Patrick.