After I’m Gone

Don’t be alarmed by the title. I plan to stomp around in the dirt for many, many years to come.

However, I think every now and then about Patrick’s stuff and what will happen to it after I’m gone.

I’m the last of my branch of the family tree. My marker will likely read “The end of the line–in time, forgotten–as are we all.”

I have a grandson, but he’s not a descendant of Patrick’s, nor even of my own blood. (I’ve always argued that parenting is a matter of attitude, not biology, and grandparenting is the same, but still….) Max is the son of my former wife’s daughter and son-in-law. While it’s possible that Max (and his parents) would be receptive to claiming a painting or two, or any musical instruments I’ve not yet been able to sell, what of all his other documents, his files, his stories, or even this web site?

This question came to mind as I was reading Stephanie and Patrick’s guest book, several pages of which have been queued up for your reading pleasure in the next few months.

Of course, there is one possibility. Patrick has a grand-daughter and she and her folks might be interested. As she approaches adulthood I will ask them.

I’ve learned from the sad experiences of friends that it’s never too early to plan for the future, even an unpleasant one.

It would be nice to keep Patrick’s legacy alive in the decades to come. Yes, if the idea was mentioned he might have just twirled his fingers and said “never mind.” My response is that his work is more important than that. I need to start planning now.