JP’s Acknowledgement to Patrick

A conversation recorded three years ago today, in which I say something that is incredibly difficult for my family members to say to one another. Some of it is in Spanish, most of which is indecipherable to me.

Listen to the recording if you like. Wanna help translate the Spanish parts?

JP: I want to say something.

PM: Okay.

JP: This is a bit different, and might be a little hard sometimes. I… It’s not easy for me to say to my family… that I love you and I’m very happy to have you in my life.

JP: I know that we’ve been separated more than we’ve been together but it’s, you know… the past is past, and I have learned many things from you. I’m thankful that in these later years of mine and yours that we have reconnected. Poco a poco we get to be together a little bit, and we get to have fun. You have shown me your world and I have shown you mine.

PM: Yeah.

JP: I’m very happy to have you as a father, so…

PM: You couldn’t do much about it!

JP: No, I’ve had no control over that….

PM: What’s the question?

JP: It’s simply a statement. I’m gonna refute that for a moment. While I cannot choose my father, I can choose whether or how to interact with my father. I know people who have turned away from their families.

JP: I’m glad that we have this connection. The things I’ve learned, some of the things that I’ve discovered that I have naturally are a part of you–and also a part of John–the play with words, the appreciation for art… you know? I’m very, very lucky.

Ivonne: [speaking in Spanish, then…] You can’t choose the father, you can choose to prefer you like to develop for yourself. [More Spanish.]

PM: She’s doing it again!

IM: [More Spanish]

PM: Tu puedes, pero no quieres.

IM: [More Spanish]

JP: Do you have any translations I need to add for now?

PM: From that?

JP: Or earlier? Just curious whether there’s something I need to capture now or can wait until later when I have better Spanish skills.

PM: She’s saying that you and I have matured to the point where we can make contact that would have been difficult at certain times. That’s the sum of it.

JP: Muy bien.

PM: [More Spanish]