Their House Was an Absolute Oasis

Kathy McIntosh wrote the following beautiful observations about Patrick and Stephanie. Shared with her permission.

Thank you so much for your note, it is so much appreciated. I am greatly saddened to learn that Patrick has died, although I know that the past months have been very difficult for him.

I came to know Patrick and Stephanie more than 30 years ago on my first visit to Mallorca. Their house was an absolute oasis and a great gathering point for musicians and intellectuals from all over. There were countless afternoons on the roof terrace, nights in their guest room and music making for Es Moli (SS Moli to all of us – the new microwave seats 6) and the wonderful Deya Festival. As I write, I realize that there are so many happy memories!

I haven’t seen Patrick in about three years, but I will miss just knowing that he is there. His figure looms large in the life of Deya and Mallorca and even in mine.

My deepest sympathies to you at this difficult time. I hope you have many happy memories, too!

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  1. I played the cello in our ensemble Tafelmusik and gave many concerts in Deia festival but also in the churches and hotels together with Patrick and Stephanie. From 1982 until 1988 we made musik together and had lots of talking, laughing and eating together to become friends. I will never forget his voice and will cherish them both in my heart as long as I live. Martina

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