About Tags and Categories

The astute visitor to this web site may have noticed that I’ve tried to provide tags and categories to most of the postings here. They’ve been selected and used to assist with navigation. If you click on a tag or category, you will find links to all the pieces sharing that element.

For example, if you are reading The Fall and see the tag for Mari, Patrick’s second wife, clicking on that tag will pull up other stories, poems, and postings that involve her in some way.

For the technically curious, WordPress categories have to be defined by the site designer (me) but have extra capabilities, primarily the ability to create menu choices from them. Many of the categories I’ve defined are used for precisely that purpose.

In contrast, tags are identified on the fly by the person writing the posting (again, me) but are not constrained to the predefined categories.

Lastly, you may have noticed special tags like P191006. These are reminders to myself of when I published something on the site. If I know when Patrick wrote something, I try to set the publication date to that actual date, so I need a reference for the publication date. (I didn’t adopt this convention for quite a while, so early entries don’t have these codes.) If I intend to reset the date later, I have a special tag for that too.