A Question about Prescott

In this transcription of a recording from 2014, Christine asked me about Patrick’s trip to the Prescott Rally.

CR: When you were at the Prescott Rally, and he was there, were you… could you see him, where he was?

JD: We broke down right around the corner from him!

CR: And how did that make you feel, having him there?

JD: I really enjoyed having him there. I realized… partly because I wanted him to see the sport, and partly because it meant a lot to me that he was willing to go there even though it was not his thing. He was willing to go there for me, and that was nice.

CR: It sounds like he enjoyed it. I was afraid he wouldn’t, it would just be long and hot, but it sounds like he really enjoyed it.

CR: I noticed last night he said “I’m your father, let’s drop the…”

JD: Yeah, the “other father” thing.

CR: Prior to that, he would always say “your other dad” or something like that. Always sort of preface that…

JD: Yep, it was an interesting…

CR: That to me was an indication, that there was some bonding that had taken place, even during the short time he was here (this time).

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