A Poor Poet in Galilea

A recording from 8 October 2014 where Patrick describes the diet of a poor poet he knew in Galilea.

Here’s a transcription:

[I’m reminded] of this guy who lived in Galilea. He was a very poor poet and what he had was a whole wall of canned communist China corned beef. That was his basic food. But he really loved good cooking, he just didn’t have the money to buy the ingredients.

So, he had all the cookbooks and he would read the cookbooks [snap, snap, snap, snapping his fingers] while he was eating his corned beef and pretend he was eating [snap, snap, snap].

I got his iron skillet when he died, and his egg poacher which I really like, and… what else? Oh. A big dictionary.

Transcribed by Christine R
Recording filename: 141008-090432-patrick-poor-poet-in-galilea.mp3