Patrick’s 87th Birthday

Today is Patrick’s 87th birthday.

Last night, I watched again the Memorial Service in Deia, listened again to him describing how the point of his life was to meet Stephanie, and watched again a short video shot near the place he died, to reflect again on the beauty of the setting where he chose to end his pain.

This morning I called a few of his Spanish friends, chatting about our lives now in these Covid times, our lives in the past, and what our hopes for our families’ lives in the future.

Today I have updated some of these pages and menus, embedding some videos and recordings where before it was impossible to do so, and edited the First Timer’s Guide to this web site, just slightly, to better identify the sections.

Tonight I shall enjoy a glass of red wine in his honor, watch Four Last Songs in his memory, and revisit some of our conversations for his voice.

And there will be music.