Patrick’s 2012 Travel Challenges

Patrick visited the U.S. in the fall of 2012. During his last stop before heading home to Spain, I met with him at LAX, where we had a nice lunch at The Encounter (the spaceship looking restaurant at the airport), caught a movie, had a nice dinner, and made this recording.

Because the recording is almost 20 minutes long, it doesn’t fit in WordPress, so I made a YouTube video out of it, along with pictures taken from that trip.

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  1. Patrick’s visit to Cincinnati in 2012 was very short. We had dinner with the Shepard clan at Brio’s, the same place we dined in the private room the evening after the memorial at Spring Grove Cemetery.
    Patrick’s memory and details of that trip are amazing. However, he didn’t remember that Allison and Abby were at the 2012 dinner at Brio’s.

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