Patrick’s First Computer

Conversation from 24 March 2017 in which Patrick describes his first computer while Ivonne makes a delicious dinner in the background. Sadly, you can hear his groans of pain during the conversation. I posted the recording a while ago, which I’ll now delete because this version has the transcription.

JP: [To Ivonne] Smells so good!

JP: [To Patrick:] What, what was your first computer?

Patrick: I didn’t know the name of it. But it had, 40 mega…

JP: 40 megabyte hard drive?

Patrick: Yeah or less. It was 40 something. I bought it in a furniture store. Where that’s the first place they started selling computers.

JP: In Spain?

Patrick: Yeah, in Palma. It all worked with diskettes. First thing I did was blow away the operating system, trying to get rid of some of the stuff that was using up the memory.

JP: Yep.

Patrick: But you just put it the…

JP: DOS diskette? Format C: and do it again, with a /s.

Patrick: It was a slow process to get it.

JP: Yeah.

Patrick: Didn’t really do much with it really.

JP: I used to race against the guy who designed the disk operating system, the early DOS, a guy named Tim Patterson.

P: Mhmm.

JP: And he… it was his operating system up until… he did it all the way up to DOS 2 or 2.10, but then they changed [in DOS 3.0] the structure to make the storage, the sectors and the tracks and all of the underlying hardware architecture, a little more… It used space, it squeezed more data out onto the existing space onto magnetic media.

Patrick: Yeah

JP: And then how long ago did you get your first laptop?

Patrick: I’m not sure how long ago that was. Can’t remember.

JP: yeah.

Patrick: I think… Jack and Vera, no, let’s see, how did it go? Stephanie went online and found used laptops. And Jack and Vera, sold me a used Mac.

JP: Uh-huh.

Patrick: And then some kids in the village when I put those things up for sale, because I didn’t find them useful. They came down and took a look at it, and then, before they left they fixed it so that nothing would work.

JP: Oh, okay.

Patrick: And then, they were stolen two nights later from the studio.

Patrick: [To Ivonne] Not so much [food], remember?

Ivonne: Sorry about my rice.

Patrick: Muy poco.

Ivonne: Si, poco, y [a question I don’t recognize in Spanish]

JP: [To Ivonne] Oh that looks good!

JP: [To Patrick] More after dinner.