Hello, all,

Happy 2019!

This is an interesting article I stumbled upon while doing some research for a project I’m working on:

Why forest bathing is good for your health

It’s about “forest bathing”, which is a term I find rather poetic and beautiful.   

I suppose that’s why it reminded me of Stephanie and Patrick. 

Stephanie talked about being a tree and hearing the leaves of trees on her death bed.  And I know that Stephanie and Patrick both loved to walk amongst the umbrella pines in the mountains of Mallorca. 

Perhaps Patrick was able to enjoy the view of the pines one last time before he passed. 

I certainly hope so.  

Love, Alison

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  1. I love trees and the forest! It’s one of the things I missed most, rain being #1, when living in CA. I remember when I finally found a park near where John lives that had canopies of trees and waterfalls…I felt like I’d found heaven. It became my sanctuary and probably contributed to my longevity which I questioned at the time. Definitely TREES, TREES, TREES!

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