Three Times

I have come to Mallorca three times this year: the first to visit my father, the second to bury him, the third to honor him with a concert, as befits his legacy.

While here I visited the lawyer several times (it all seems to be bad news), the embassy, and many of his friends.

Thanks to his friends I have seen amazing things the tourists would never find and enjoyed many wonderful meals in the company of the people who loved Patrick most.

Mallorca is a beautiful place but I need a bit of tranquility at my house before I return again. I am glad that I am here. I am ready to be home.

2 Replies to “Three Times”

  1. His memorial concert was my first introduction to Patrick! When I saw that a Russian String Orchestra would be playing at the Archdukes Palace I had to come. Of course I was not disappointed! A magical evening and connection to Patrick and his music festival. Thank you so much for giving me the oportunity to know a little of who he was. I was entranced. I shall be attending the music festival next year. An enduring legacy from an obviously very special man.

    1. Thanks, Claire, for coming to the concert and for making the time to write. I still miss him dearly, but it’s comments like yours that remind me that he belonged to all of us, and left a beautiful legacy of music behind.

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