Patrick’s Childhood Memories

Here’s a recording from 2014 in which Patrick recalls his childhood, specifically how his family would can foods in the summer and eat them in the winter.

PM: We canned green beans and tomatoes and I think peas, canned peas, and so of course all winter we had that stuff from the garden. When you emptied the mason jars – there was a hole under the back porch steps – you’d it throw it the hole and they’d be Continue reading “Patrick’s Childhood Memories”

Zenobia, Long Island, Gallilea, and Tampa

This is the transcription of a recording from 9 Nov 2012. It covers a variety of topics. If there is interest, I’ll see about making the recording available another way since it’s too large to post here.

Patrick: Zenobia.

JP: Oh yeah, I was asking about Zenobia, and Lois, and oh, as a pre…

Patrick: Prelude.

JP: Prelude, yes. As a prelude, you’ve given me a lot of these letters from Howard, I’m sorry…

Patrick: Fred.

JP: Fred. I don’t know where I got Howard. I’m thinking Howard Rayon… Anyway, as I read them I’m seeing some letters from Alice as well, and of course there are lot of references to Zen and some others.

Patrick: That was Alice Berridge and her husband was Edmund and they had a daughter. They were good friends in south shore of Long Island. Yeah. That whole teaching bunch that I met in 1968, 1969. Continue reading “Zenobia, Long Island, Gallilea, and Tampa”