Reconnecting with Patrick

Patrick sent me this post card in July 1975, trying to reach me in Phoenix. As a result, we reconnected in person after a decade’s absence. I was 19.

That summer trip and the events that followed deserve several chapters in a book I’ll likely never write.

Patrick writes to my P O Box in Tempe trying to connect with me.
Patrick Trying to Reach Me in Phoenix
Patrick's post card from Phoenix. Picture of the motel where they were staying.
The Front of the Post Card

Newspaper Announcements

Patrick’s old friend Lee sent me the following newspaper clippings from a newspaper archive source.  They announce Patrick’s marriage to Donna, the birth of their first child (me), and the death of Patrick’s mom.

I’m attaching screen shots for the closeups, as well as links to the original PDF files that Lee sent to me.

Thanks, Lee, these are really cool!

P.S. Notice even then that people had a hard time spelling “Dillon”!

Wedding Announcement (PDF)

Orland Evening Star – 2 Sep 1955

JPMD Birth Announcement (PDF)

Patrick’s Mom’s Obituary (PDF)