The Cook in the Golf Club

The director of the Royal Golf Club asked me to come for an interview. Turned out he wanted a series called Concerts on the Grass in the month of August every Saturday night. We looked at the possibilities, but of course in the open air the acoustics are not so good without amplification for the public. And I resisted the idea of mikes and speakers. Better would be a band shell.

There was a sort of natural amphitheater where he thought we could set it up. From there you could look up to see the balcony of the restaurant of the golf club where perhaps forty or fifty people could be sitting at tables. Outside the green surrounding the stage there was room for five or six hundred people. They could bring blankets and drinks and listen to the classics under the stars.

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Homage to Patrick at 2018 Deia Int’l Music Festival

On 26 July 2018 the Deia International Music Festival will host a special concert to honor Patrick. The concert includes trios by Coleridge-Taylor, Gilchrist, Torrandell and Patrick’s friend Carl Mansker, performed by Suzanne Bradbury (another of Patrick’s dear friends), Eilidh Martin and Tom Hankey.

The concert will begin at 9:00 PM and will be held at Son Marriog.

This is the 40th anniversary of the festival founded my father and Stephanie and will be a special night to remember.

Check out the Deia International Music Festival web site for details.