Memorial Concert on 13 September 2017 (Seeking Sponsors)

We need your help!  We are firming up a memorial concert on 13 September 2017 at Son Marriog near Deia, Mallorca, Spain, but we need to raise money for the orchestra.

If you or your business would like to support the arts with a world-class orchestra and a fitting tribute to my father, please let me know.

Don’t send any money now since I don’t yet know the exact mechanism for collecting the donations. Instead, just let me know how much you will contribute (whether a few euro or dollars or a thousand or more) while I work out the details, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Send the amount you would like to contribute by e-mail to

Concert @

(without the spaces around the @ sign).

This concert will be part of the Deia International Music Festival as a special event not listed on earlier programs.

Thank you VERY much!

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