RIP Carl Mansker

Tonight I learned that Carl Mansker has passed away. Carl was a close friend of Patrick’s. They shared many meals and much music together. Carl’s wife Antoinette was just as delightful–a wonderful person. My heart goes out to her.

Each time Carl and Antoinette and I were able to connect, it was a pleasure, just as it was a pleasure to watch the two of them together.  I remember that meal we enjoyed at their place that last time I was on the island, in September of 2017. They were such gracious hosts, even with all the ongoing challenges.

Here is a photo from that dinner party, held immediately after Misha’s memorial concert for Patrick, held at Son Marroig.

Carl and Antoinette after Patrick’s Memorial Concert.

Here is Carl sitting beside Patrick in the 1970s or ’80s in this picture from Cassandra.

Group at dinner table
Cassandra, Jason, and others at dinner (Carl Mansker is sitting next to Patrick)

Here are Antoinette, Carl, and Nicole at a special luncheon at Basmati in Patrick’s memory.

I can’t find pictures of Carl from our 2003 visit, but I remember his incredible talent in the kitchen and his great love for spicy food.

Carl was a composer for many, many years, blending modernism with classical nuance. The YouTube video linked here is his Piano Concerto, Opus 21, 1st movement, performed by another wonderful friend of the family, Suzanne Bradbury with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kirk Trevor.

My deepest sympathies to Antoinette and to Carl and Antoinette’s many friends.

(I received the news from the Deia International Music Festival.)