Prophet Motive

I received this e-mail from Patrick in 2015 with the subject “How a Ya,” a play on how southerners pronounce “Hawai’i,” along with the attached story titled Prophet Motive. I spent a couple of hours just now editing it (mainly fixing typos and formatting) so that I can share it here as a PDF attachment.

How a Ya

Thought you might enjoy this review:

And another view of ISIS:

I guess I wasn’t far off with my story called Prophet Motive, sent off last week.
Not likely to be published. Still didn’t get it quite right, but. Onto other things.

Prophet Motive (a PDF file)


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  1. This story takes a while to build — too much time setting up, I think, but the ending and how it links to Es Firó makes good sense.

    I recognized some of the names and places in this story, but it’s a piece of fiction, not history. What’s the phrase these days? “Historical fiction?”

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