Closure of the Bendinat Golf Club ‘Concerts on the Grass’ by the Eolo Chamber Orchestra

Translation of El grupo Eolo cierra …  by Nicole

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El Dia 19 Sept 1987

The ‘Concerts on the Grass’, organized by Patrick Meadows have lasted over a month.

Tonight, at 11:00 pm, the Chamber Orchestra Eolo will bring an end to the cycle of ‘Concerts on the Grass’ that have been performed since July 11 at Bendinat’s Golf Club. The orchestra, composed of nine instrumentalists –oboes, clarinets, bassoons, French horns and double bass–, will perform under the direction of Larry Ashmore.

At Bendinat Eolo will interpret Beethoven’s Rondino in E flat, Gounod’s Symphony in B minor, Haendel’s Water Music, and Mozart’s Turkish March. The orchestra performed in Palma on April 8th in the 2nd Week of Classical Music.

The ‘Concerts on the Grass’ have been organized by Patrick Meadows, from Alma Concerts, who is also in charge of coordinating the ‘Sunset Concerts’ at Son Marroig and the Deià Music Festival, sponsored by the Town Hall of Calvià.

(Note: article continues but there’s no further mention of Patrick and Stephanie, so that part has not been translated. Let us know if you’d like to read it in its entirety.)

A Dream (Feb 1985)

Beginning in the late 1970s I would sometimes record my dreams instead of writing them down.

Here’s one that starred Patrick and my mom. Unless there’s specific interest, I won’t bother posting the audio file. It’s from February 1985, six years after he and last saw one another and over a year before my first visit to Spain.

February 15, 1985, [my sister] Heather’s 18th birthday. I dreamed that somehow Patrick came to visit us. I was with my mom.

He was getting ready to travel on, so I said, “Hey, look, all we have to do is just gather up all this stuff and put it in boxes.” We went through and took all these things off the shelves in this big house. We stripped everything off the shelves and made the place look real neat and tidy.

My mom came home and said, “Neat, we’re all set to go somewhere I guess.”

We had all this stuff and the house was nice and neat and so on. Still, Pat didn’t want to… he decided he didn’t want to come with us .

I said “Look, now that everything everything is the way you like it, why don’t you stay?”

He just stood outside and hitched a ride with a truck, a big semi.

Then after that, my mom, my sisters and I went out and found this house out in the country. I was riding my motorcycle, Avatar, and there was a dirty, muddy path. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the bike out there. I was a little bit nervous about dumping it. I remember I had some problems getting the bike up to the parking space.

I’ve Been Slow to Write

Letter from Patrick to Fred on 7 Nov 1982, in which he talks about the work on the house that Stephanie and he bought, and poetry, and his book on Dr. Weightnovel (never completed, still being developed when he died 35 years later), and the acquisition of a hernia in July 1982.

Letter to Fred 7 Nov 1982


The church bell speaks twice.
The cat seems to sense,
and the dog,
something in the wind.
Yes. A flash out to sea
clouds white as day.

The trees will whisper,
and the grass,
in the night while we sleep.

Dawn brings rain
clattering into our dreams,
but then, a song!
Nightingale, we both say
and laugh
with the wind
in our mouths.

Love sings
us back to sleep.

Deya 1980’s