Memorial Went Well Today

JPMD and Med
The Mountains that Patrick Loved

Too worn out to write much, but the memorial went well.

Carol and Trini read a sister’s poem in English and Spanish, Jack read Patrick´s poem to Stephanie, and afterwards at La Residencia, Suzy and Vera played some lovely music. I think there were between 30 and 50 people present, amazing given the small space.

The weather was chamber-of-commerce perfect.

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Obituary (English)

Patrick Meadows, who passed away last Saturday, April 22nd [2017], was born in 1934 in West Virginia, in what he always described as the wrong side of the tracks of a small town. He attributed his passion for music to an exceptional teacher he had in school, but he also loved language and went on to get a degree in English literature from the Florida State University. He was a high-school teacher for several years after college. He had three children from a first marriage and a daughter from a second. He arrived in Majorca in 1969, living first in Galilea, and then moving to Deià six years later. There, with his partner Stephanie Shepard, he founded—and directed until 2008—the International Music Festival of Deià, organizing concerts every summer in Son Marroig and in the parish church of Deià. He dedicated his retirement years to the edition and publication of music of unknown composers, mostly of the 19 th century, and notably of the anglo-African composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. He also had a literary side, writing murder mystery and science fiction stories, which were published in many magazines.

Patrick is survived by his children JP, Jennifer, Gretchen and Allison, and his siblings Sue and Jack, and their families, who dearly loved him and miss him greatly.

His family and numerous friends will miss his musicianship, his creativity, his intelligence and his splendid and often mordant sense of humour.

Written by Tony, Eve and Hannah Bonner

Obituario (Español)

Patrick Meadows, que falleció el pasado sábado veintidos de Abril [2017], nació en el estado norteamericano de West Virginia en 1934, en el seno de una familia humilde.Aprendió música en la escuela– él atribuía el nacimiento de su pasión por la música a un muy buen maestro que tuvo–, pero finalmente se licenció en literatura inglesa por la Universidad de Florida. Fue profesor de instituto durante unos años y tuvo tres hijos de un primer matrimonio y una hija de su segundo matrimonio. Llegó a Mallorca el año 1969, instalándose en Galilea, y seis años más tarde en Deià. Allí, con su pareja, Stephanie Shepard, fundó –y dirigió hasta 2008– el Festival Internacional de Música de Deià, organizando conciertos cada verano en Son Marroig y en la Iglesia Parroquial de Deià. Dedicó sus años de jubilación a editar y publicar partituras de compositores u obras desconocidas, sobre todo del s. XIX, y notablemente de un compositor anglo-africano, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. Tuvo también una faceta literaria, escribiendo cuentos policiacos y de ciencia ficción que salieron publicados en numerosas revistas.

A Patrick le sobreviven sus hijos JP, Jennifer, Gretchen y Allison, y sus hermanos Sue y Jack, y sus familias, que le querían muchísimo y lo extrañaban mucho.

Sus familiares y sus numerosos amigos echaran en falta su musicalidad, su creatividad, su inteligencia y su fino y a menudo mordaz sentido del humor.

Escrito por Anthony, Eve y Hannah Bonner

Trauer um Patrick Meadows – Ein Nachruf

Am Donnerstag, 4. Mai, beginnt das Musikfestival in Deia. Dessen Gruender starb am 22. April. Ein Nachruf.

Mit einem Klavierabend des 15-jaerigen Wunderkinds Lixin Zhang in Son Marroig beginnt am Donnerstag, 4 Mai, um 20.30 Uhrdie 39. Ausgabe der Internationalen Musikfestivals in Deia.

Wie Festival Direktor Alfredo Oyaguez mitteilte, ist die Veranstaltungsreihe dieses Jahr ihrem Gruender Patrick Meadows gewidmed. Meadows schied am Samstag, 22. April, im Alter von 82 Jahren nach einer schweren Krankheit aus den Leben.

Meadows, geboren am 18. July 1934 in Oakhill, West Virginia, machte sich Anfang der 70er Jahre von der Ostkueste der USA auf den Weg nach Mallorca, liess sich erst in Galilea dann in Deia nieder.

Ab 1978 veranstaltete er mit seiner Lebensgefaehrtin Stephanie Shepard jede Woche Tafelmusik zum Sonnenuntergang in Son Marroig, dem frueheren Anwesen des Erzherzhogs, an der Freunde aus diversen Laendern teilnahmen. Diese Konzerte weiteten sich zum Internationalen Musikfestival von Deia aus.

An dem Festival nehmen Jahe fuer Jahr zalreiche Musiker von der Insel, dem Spanischen Festland und aus vielen anderen Laendern teil.

2008, drei Jahre nach dem Tod seiner Lebensgefaehrtin, gab Meadows die Leitung des Festivals an den Pianisten und Dirigenten Alfredo Oyaguez ab.

Die Pianistin Suzanne Bradbury wuerdigte den Verstorbenen als Pionier auf einer Insel, die mittlerweile reich an Festivals ist, sowie als kreativen und vielseitigen Kopf: Lehrer, Musiker, Schriftsteller, Forscher, Verleger.

Tatsaechlich grub Meadows bis dato unbekannte Werke in Archiven aus und veroeffentlichte sie, darunter ein “Grosses Konzertstueck ueber die Themen aus Mendelssohns ‘Lieder ohne Worte’: Fuer 2 Pianos” von Franz Liszt und Werke des britischen Komponisten Samuel Coleridge Taylor.

Meadows wird auf dem Friedhof von Deia beigesetzt, neben dem Grab von Stephanie Shepard.

(Typed and translated by my friend Ingrid) Here’s the original clipping.

Friday and Saturday Update

Patrick’s Last Meal

I always say these letters are short summaries, yet they are never short, nor do they sufficiently summarize.

Still, I shall try again.

Yesterday (Friday the 28th) was a full day. Carol deposited me at Patrick’s apartment just as the clock rolled over to this milestone on the calendar, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM. Some delays were routine – dig through my bags for the morning clothes, shower to scrub off the travel grime, answer text and e-mail messages, decide where to sleep – but other delays were less expected. Continue reading “Friday and Saturday Update”

Nachruf (Deutsch)

Dies ist der Nachruf in der 27. April – 3. Mai 2017 Ausgabe (Nummer 17) von Mallorca Magazin veröffentlicht. Es ist auf Seite 39 zu finden.

Nachruf (Deutsch)

Er würde zweifellos Stimmung finden, auf der Kulturseite unter einem Foto von einer oben ohne Schönheit erwähnt zu werden.

Mallorca Magazin p. 39

This is the obituary posted in the 27 April – 3 May 2017 issue (number 17) of Mallorca Magazin. It’s found on page 39.

He would no doubt find humor in being mentioned on the Culture page below a photo of a topless beauty.

Here’s an English translation.

Life Is Like a Tree

Letter to Ivonne on 24 April 2017, posted with her permission:

We all miss Patrick and I know that you miss him very much too. Fortunately we all still have each other. You are especially lucky because you also have your daughter. Her love for you is different, but just as special, just as wonderful, and just as deserving of nourishment.

Life Is Like a Tree

Life is like a tree: we occasionally lose branches, some young, some old, but together all the other branches grow over time to fill in the space left behind, each one shaped a little differently because of the gap they filled. However, we have to remember to care for the tree, the remaining branches, so that we all can thrive. Continue reading “Life Is Like a Tree”