Democracy Has One Big Problem

In response to a YouTube video called Rules for Rulers, Patrick responded on 16 Nov ‘ 16:

Pretty good video.  But democracy has one big problem.

If you can keep people dumb with entertainment, and make them think  what you want, you control everything without giving true rewards in proportion to the value of the normal person – if they can’t think, they won’t get what they want or need, but will blame it on somebody else.

It’s like dictating what you have to think.

Oh well, I don’t know why the mob prefers football to understanding life a little bit.


Patrick and Ivonne Relaxing

Here’s a sweet picture that Ivonne sent recently, the two of them relaxing in Valldemossa.

Relaxing Together

By the way, we are trying to sell the black/white drawing in the background, the one above Ivonne’s left shoulder.