Memorial Service in Deia Cemetery

Here’s the video of Patrick’s memorial service as a YouTube link. The space was a challenge to shoot (very long and narrow), and you can sometimes hear donkeys braying in the background (how perfectly Mallorquin) but you should get a sense of the place and the sentiment. There may be some updates later but I can share it with you now, as is.  It’s 35 minutes long.

Special thanks to Mario Figueroa for shooting and editing this video. As I update this entry years later, I am reminded again how valuable this recording is to me, how beautiful the setting, how wonderful his many friends.

Many thanks to Hannah for finding Mario and getting his help making this recording, and to her and her family for helping with the translations needed.

Special thanks to Suzy and Vera for playing. It would have been wrong to honor Patrick without music. As Suzy also points out in the video (in Spanish), Vera played music in Patrick’s very first concerts, so it seems fitting that she should play in his last.

Also thanks to Mike, Francesca, Neil and Geoff for their lovely remarks that flow through the second part of the video, and to everyone else whose names I have sadly forgotten at the moment.

I’m out in the countryside now (but thankfully with internet) and will try to decompress for the weekend. The to-do list is not much shorter than it was, but I’m going to try to avoid it except for my school obligations (grading final exams). Monday is soon enough for me to resume the rest. Hopefully I’ll get it done in the time remaining here on the island.

Here are the words of the service, attached as a PDF file: Eulogy and Service.