Our First Visit to Where He Died

On the 2nd of May 2017, Suzy and I met the police chief in Valldemossa. After many condolences (“lo siento, lo siento”) and an explanation of what happened, he guided us and a grua (tow truck) to the place where Patrick died.

Afterwards we returned to Valldemossa for a short break. We made this recording while in Valldemossa, trying to capture my immediate reactions to seeing his car and the place he chose to die. Afterwards we drove down to the Guardia Civil office in Esporles to reclaim his wallet and other personal affects.

(Listen to the conversation)

JP: We are sitting outside the Restaurante Balear. Suzy and I went to see the car and where Patrick’s last place was. Can you recall? What did the policeman say?

Suzy: He said that he heard from two women that were walking by there about it, so he went there immediately and he knew… so he called a doctor…. he knew Patrick wasn’t alive any more. He broke the back window and the doctor came and said that he had been no more for the last four or five hours, and this was around seven o’clock in the evening.

JP: So that means he passed away around two or three in the afternoon.

Suzy: Probably, yeah. He must have gone there to enjoy the nature, the things that he loved and to see the sea, maybe very early in the morning because Ivonne tried to get in touch with him by 9:00 and he was already gone. So he must have planned to be … especially in the nature that he loved… and I think that’s what he did. He just went to a beautiful place. Enjoyed looking at the sea somewhere where he walked before.

JP: And the nightingales sang.

Suzy: When we were there the nightingales were singing and I’m sure they were when he was there too. And he was on his own.

JP: And it was about the same time frame that we were there, that he was there. The view where he was parked… the view was partially obscured by the trees but it was not far to a wonderful clearing and a magnificent space with a view of the ocean and the mountains.

Suzy: I’m sure he’d been there before, he could see the sea, you could see it through the trees. The trees are all Mediterranean Oaks, very Mallorquin landscape there, very beautiful.

JP: Today is 2 May 2017 at four in the afternoon.

Transcribed by JPMD
Recording filename: 170502-160008-suzy-and-jp-after-car-retrieval.mp3