Cover of Countercommandment (Analog 5 in paperback)

This short story was published in the December 1965 issue of Analog, edited by John Campbell.

It was subsequently selected as one of the best stories of the year and included in the annual collection Analog 5. When this book was released later in paperback it was retitled Countercommandment after Patrick’s story.

Here it is for you as a collection of images of the pages, photocopied from a first edition of Analog 5.  (The book was a special gift to JP from his wife Donna.)

While it’s a bit of a pain to have to click on each image individually, you can be assured that the story is worth the effort. I’m investigating WordPress plugins for better gallery management such as a slide show option. Continue reading “Countercommandment”

Lost at Sea and Supposed Dead

Here’s a photo of the Zambak, a newspaper clipping (incomplete) about the episode with a picture of Mari on the cover, and some e-mail exchanges explaining more of what happened.

There is a fuller story he sent me on 25 Dec 2013 that you might enjoy.

The Zambak

Patrick wrote the following back-story:

Here is the boat I bought for 500 dollars in Izmir.  The first day out, after getting her fixed up, a storm tore up the mainsail and blew us onto a sand reef.  The captain of the fishing boat who pulled us off lost a finger in the winch.  We (bandmaster Billy Bielmeir and I) spent the night in the bar of a safe harbor, while helicopters and rescue people searched after the storm cleared. The next day we tied up what was left of the mains’l and using that and the jib, we limped back to the yacht club in Izmir.  Meanwhile the newspaper AKSAM had reported us lost at sea and supposed dead.  The photo shows Mari receiving the news.  Continue reading “Lost at Sea and Supposed Dead”