We’ve Lived, You and Me, Very Interesting Lives

This is a transcription of a really long recording dated 7 Oct 2014, while Patrick was visiting me in California. It lasted almost 20 minutes, far to big to post on this site. I’ll create a YouTube video for it later.

It begins when he’s talking about music in college. I’d be interested in Lee’s thoughts and comments on this one.

We go on to talk about death and dying, living, and women, and how he explains the life choices he made. Continue reading “We’ve Lived, You and Me, Very Interesting Lives”


YouTube video of a recording from Patrick, sent to me on 22 Jan 2014, along with the following description.

In 1978, before we moved to the House you all know, There was a poetry reading in the French Restaurant. It ended in a free for all between an Irish bagpiper and and Australian poet.

Before that there is this part.

I think Stephanie is performing flute in public for the first time, and I am performing on guitar in public for the last time. I believe it was this 12-string that Gretchen bust over Pedro’s head (RIP)

Lady June is singing(?) and reciting. You can find her on the web Lady June Campbell.

Music Festival Propagation

Here’s an audio recording with Patrick (18 March 2017) in which he starts by talking about his grave marker for the Deia cemetery (captured in mid-sentence).

He goes on to talk about how music festivals spread across the island after he and Stephanie got the Deia festival off the ground.

Transcription: Continue reading “Music Festival Propagation”

The Last Nightingale

Patrick sent me this short recording a long time ago (the file date is 2003, but it may have been earlier than that.) He said it was the last nightingale of the season before all flew off to wherever they go next.

I believe it was this song that filled his ears when he finally passed into the nothingness.

I have used it for my Windows “shutdown” sound all these years because it is so peaceful.

Nothing Is More Important than Love

This very special recording from 7 Oct 2014 is a conversation between Patrick, JP, and Christine. It’s too large to upload here so I’ve posted it on YouTube instead.

Christine: From your point of view as an 80-year-old man, and your son being 58 years old, and having lived the life that you’ve lived, what advice would you offer him as a younger man?

Patrick: Can you give me a couple days? Continue reading “Nothing Is More Important than Love”

A Painting for Ivonne

A Painting for Ivonne

Conversation with Patrick about his few remaining paintings, and specifically the one he wanted to go to Ivonne. I started the recorder just after asking about the small painting of nine people.

Near the end of the recording we talk about a painting by Norman Yanikun. That painting is for sale to help defray the costs of Patrick’s burial and memorial expenses.

Here’s the transcription: Continue reading “A Painting for Ivonne”

I’m Looking Forward to the Big Sleep (with Transcription)

Transcription of the recording posted earlier. I’ll delete the old one later since I can embed the audio file here.

Patrick: I’m kind of looking forward to the big sleep, I have to say.

JP: But not yet.

Patrick: Give it one more chance. But the oblivion of sleep is the best part of the day now. And if it were 24 hours a day it would be even better.

JP: If it meant no pain, I could kind of understand.

Patrick: Yeah.

JP: But to have pain is to be alive.

Patrick: That’s a Majorquin saying: I know when I wake up and I have pain, I’m still alive, or something like that. They might say if I wake up and have no pain then I’m dead. That’s another variation.

Another Short Conversation

A short recording (25 Mar ’17)  in which you can tell Patrick’s pain is clearly getting to him, yet he still shows his sense of humor.

John: Any interesting stories or any practical things you want to …?

Patrick: I’ll have to try to… I can’t think. Let’s see.

Continue reading “Another Short Conversation”