Toy Construction Set

Here’s a recording from 18 March 2017 with a lot of restaurant background noise in which we talk about a toy construction set I remembered as a child. We had spent hours assembling a massive structure but I tripped and fell into it one night while getting up to use the bathroom.

JP: The construction set, I thought it was in New York.

PM: No, no, it came from New York. I brought it for Christmas from New York to visit you guys with Donna.

JP: I was thinking it was when you had to sling me in the sheets to make it look like laundry.

PM: That was New York. You came up on your own on a bus. Continue reading “Toy Construction Set”

Nothing Is More Important than Love

This very special recording from 7 Oct 2014 is a conversation between Patrick, JP, and Christine. It’s too large to upload here so I’ve posted it on YouTube instead.

Christine: From your point of view as an 80-year-old man, and your son being 58 years old, and having lived the life that you’ve lived, what advice would you offer him as a younger man?

Patrick: Can you give me a couple days? Continue reading “Nothing Is More Important than Love”

Ringed by Fire and Smoke

Huge flames flicker along the ridges to the north and west of my house. In truth they are probably 10 miles away, but they are bright enough and broad enough, and the winds fierce enough, that I ponder my evacuation plan should the need arise.

I look closely at the distant fires, then climb into the truck in search of dinner with a friend from Alabama who is visiting here on business.

When I return, I decide it’s time to prepare, just in case…. not expecting to flee, but fearing the loss of those remaining bits of Patrick that I hold.

It takes about three hours, three hours to distill into a small collection the things I hold dear. It’s telling, these things I gathered up, Continue reading “Ringed by Fire and Smoke”

Gnossienne #2

I sat at the piano a few minutes ago, as I do too infrequently, teasing and hammering the keys into giving up some sort of acceptable sound. I drifted through a few pieces I commonly abuse like Beethoven’s 7th/2nd, Linus and Lucy, a six-note blues riff, and Erik Satie’s Gnossienne #2.

A memory suddenly came back to me.  I first heard the Satie in April 1986. It was my first trip to Europe, and my first visit with Continue reading “Gnossienne #2”