Working on the Wall

Working on the Wall

Patrick and Stephanie worked tirelessly for years to repair and reconstruct the stone walls of their place in Deia.  It was done without concrete, by Mallorquin standards. He told me that each rock must touch its neighbors in five places. I came across this picture in the same place I found several old letters.

Two Pictures from Ancient Times

I found these pictures in a stack of old mail from the late 1970’s to the early 1980s. I’m not sure who the clarinet player is. I don’t know what happened to the painting. Patrick thought he’d given it to Gretchen, but she doesn’t have it.

1976 Painting of Patrick and Stephanie
Patrick in the Early Days, at the Piano

Patrick’s Marker in the Deia Cemetery

Here are some pictures of Patrick’s marker in the Deia cemetery.

I also include a photo to show how to find it. (Hint: it’s very easy.)

Patrick and Stephanie received a plaque of recognition from the Town of Deia in appreciation for their work in founding the International Music Festival of Deia.

He specifically asked that the plaque be used for his marker, with the addition of their birth and death dates and “Founders of the Festival” also added. Rather than use the original silver plaque, which would not hold up in the weather or to vandals, we had a copy made in stainless steel, as seen here.

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