Patrick’s Final Concert Notes

Patrick’s Final Concert – Notes

In 2008, three years after Stephanie passed away, Patrick retired from his role as artistic director of the International Music Festival of Deia.

Thanks to Suzy, here are the concert notes he included in that final program under his tenure.

Trini, Suzy and I read these remarks (in Mallorquin, Spanish, and English) to the memorial concert audience.

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Patrick’s Marker in the Deia Cemetery

Here are some pictures of Patrick’s marker in the Deia cemetery.

I also include a photo to show how to find it. (Hint: it’s very easy.)

Patrick and Stephanie received a plaque of recognition from the Town of Deia in appreciation for their work in founding the International Music Festival of Deia.

He specifically asked that the plaque be used for his marker, with the addition of their birth and death dates and “Founders of the Festival” also added. Rather than use the original silver plaque, which would not hold up in the weather or to vandals, we had a copy made in stainless steel, as seen here.

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Hiking with Frank, and Other Pictures

Frank and Patrick after a soggy hike from Deya to Soller

Frank attended the memorial in May but he and his wife Irene could not make it the concert in September. He sent the following photographs along with his sincerest condolences from them both.

Patrick and Frank spent many, many days together walking the mountains of Mallorca. These pictures are from April 5th 2014 and a rainy February 12th 2016. Continue reading “Hiking with Frank, and Other Pictures”

Don’t Cry Because He’s Gone

To paraphrase the sign below: “Don’t cry because he’s gone. Smile because he was here.”

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over

This is a sign at my friend Erika’s house in Oxford, MS. She lost her husband Tim a few years ago. We all used to be active at the race track together.