I Had a Great Respect for Your Father

I received this lovely note from Lynn Habian, concert pianist, on Christmas Eve and am posting it here with her permission.

My husband and I send our sincere deepest condolences to you and your family.  I spoke to your father many times, on the island and from the States.

I’m a pianist who played at La Residencia 3 times- 2012, 2014 and 2015.  I was put in touch with your Dad thru Louise, PR at the hotel.  I didn’t meet your Dad,  although I invited him to my concert.  I did correspond with him thru email.  I sensed after the loss of his Stephanie,  he wanted to avoid the musical scene.  

I had a great respect for your father.  Because my teachers in past were older people,  I agreed with his views on how things should be handled professionally in music business.  So many things have changed.

I did read his obituary and saw the video that was done with you and family and friends.  Lovely.

If you wish to know who I am,  please go to my website:  lynnhabian.com

Again,  I’m very sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,

Lynn Habian,  USA

Patrick’s California Memorial

In late June 2017, Abby, Julie and Rui visited California. In addition to the usual fun-for-kids stuff like Disneyland, horseback riding (three times, including once up to the Hollywood sign), going to the beach, and checking out the stars on Hollywood Blvd, we were able to visit with Julie’s brother, explore San Francisco, and go see Abby’s Aunt Gretchen at her house in the mountains near Yosemite.

On the last day of their visit, the four of us held a brief memorial service for Patrick in my back yard. Here’s a transcript of that service.

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Flying out of Palma

I remember taking off from Palma in March of last year. As we climbed out over the mountains at sunset, I quietly wept, fearing that I had just seen Patrick alive for the last time.

Then I told myself that I have to replace that image with something more positive. I must try to visualize coming back again in the fall to see him.

But creative visualization only goes so far. It does not override reality in all cases.

He Was Committed to Our Orchestra

I received this kind note yesterday. I’m posting it here with his permission.

My name is Steve Benne and I just heard about your father’s death through your automated reply to email messages addressed to him.

I wanted to thank you for that.

I first met your father when I was in my mid-twenties (1988-90) and playing bass with the New American Chamber Orchestra. He was our Spanish management and was committed to our orchestra. He had us play in his festival in Deia and got us a residence in Granada.

He spent a lot of time with the orchestra and eventually had me out to his place in Deia.

I’ve been in touch with him off and on over the years and saw him when he came to the States in 2015 (I think) and was staying with your sister in Maryville, TN.

Again, thank you and my condolences on your loss.

Now It Is Father’s Day 2018

Here in the U.S. today is Father’s Day. I was lucky. I had two dads, Patrick and John.

I lost John in 1990. I still grieve for him, look at his self-portrait and the things he gave me, and ask questions that he can no longer answer, but that loss has lost the harsh edges, worn down and smoothed by liquid time.

Being without Patrick is much more raw, more visceral. He was absent many of my formative years, but never Continue reading “Now It Is Father’s Day 2018”

One Year Ago

One year ago today, at this race track, in this tower, with these cars on course, I lost my father.

Now, snug in his undershirt, carrying his satchel, with his ring on my finger and his love in my heart, while stewarding the Red run group, I think about all that has transpired since that first flurry of phone calls.

This morning during our flag team meeting, I thanked my racing friends for their support, beginning a year ago and continuing through today.

Here I thank the rest of you.

There’s no denying that this has been an emotional, difficult year, and the practical and family complications have only added to the strain.

The View from ACS Race Control

However, because of all of you I’m able to enjoy the view from high above the track, overlooking the kind of mountains he loved, beneath a brilliant sun that so nourished Stephanie’s gardens, with my eyes dry and my focus mostly centered on the cars circulating at speed.

Because of those family members that understood Patrick and his final wishes, his amazing collection of friends, and my own support group, I’m functioning as a regular human being, not a quivering heap of grief, though I still grieve deeply.

I am sorry Patrick is gone, but I am thankful he was here. What more can one hope for a life well lived?

It Began Beneath a Piano

Darrell Jonsson from Prague sent this wonderful story and gave permission for me to share here. It encompasses almost 40 years and everything that Patrick loved: Stephanie, music, Deia, and writing. I’ve included some of Darrell’s affiliations at the end, since, as he says, “it gives some context of where I’m coming from.”

Was very sorry to hear of Patrick Meadows passing, I first met Patrick Meadows & Stephanie in 1977.

At that time they had an apartment on the main street of Deia. The door was open and some beautiful piano music was pouring into the street. A young woman was playing the piano and I asked if I could sit under the piano and listen. Unabashed by Continue reading “It Began Beneath a Piano”