I’m Looking Forward to the Big Sleep (with Transcription)

Transcription of the recording posted earlier. I’ll delete the old one later since I can embed the audio file here.

Patrick: I’m kind of looking forward to the big sleep, I have to say.

JP: But not yet.

Patrick: Give it one more chance. But the oblivion of sleep is the best part of the day now. And if it were 24 hours a day it would be even better.

JP: If it meant no pain, I could kind of understand.

Patrick: Yeah.

JP: But to have pain is to be alive.

Patrick: That’s a Majorquin saying: I know when I wake up and I have pain, I’m still alive, or something like that. They might say if I wake up and have no pain then I’m dead. That’s another variation.

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  1. Patrick even showed humor when he was in pain and close to the end.

    Jp – it was brilliant of you to save and share these conversations so all of us who love Patrick could share.

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