Newspaper Announcements

Patrick’s old friend Lee sent me the following newspaper clippings from a newspaper archive source.  They announce Patrick’s marriage to Donna, the birth of their first child (me), and the death of Patrick’s mom.

I’m attaching screen shots for the closeups, as well as links to the original PDF files that Lee sent to me.

Thanks, Lee, these are really cool!

P.S. Notice even then that people had a hard time spelling “Dillon”!

Wedding Announcement (PDF)
Orland Evening Star – 2 Sep 1955
JPMD Birth Announcement (PDF)
Patrick’s Mom’s Obituary (PDF)

My Time With Pat – High School and College in the Mid-1950’s

Imagine Pat, Dave Wade, George Sikorsky, Toby Knowles, and me in the living room of a basement apartment listening to plastic disks of jazz and other stuff.  I remember particularly the operetta, Golden Apple and we were all taken by the lyrics of Lazy Afternoon.  Then someone would chime,  “It’s Mecca Time” and we went out into the night the couple blocks to be sure we could get our last snack before the coffee shop closed.

I first knew Pat in High school.  Continue reading “My Time With Pat – High School and College in the Mid-1950’s”