About this Web Site

This site is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Meadows and Stephanie Shepard. It was developed by Patrick’s son John P M Dillon (JPMD).

Technologies used

The web site is hosted by Widget Team Software atop a Linux-based platform provided by Green Geeks.

WordPress is used for content management.

Web page development and validation is done with CSE HTML Validator.

Image and audio file naming is done with custom software developed by JPMD and sometimes with Advanced Renamer, a batch renaming tool.

Easy Thumbnails is often used for image resizing, with additional editing and cropping done with Windows-based tools like Paint and Photo Viewer.

EZ CD-DA Extractor is used for audio file processing and MP3Tag is used for setting the properties of the audio files.

Various scanners, cameras, and digital recorders have been used over the years so image and audio resolution varies.