Memorial Concert Program

Here is the program for the memorial concert held on the 13 September 2017.

In addition to the works listed, the orchestra played two encores:

Tchaikovsky’s Elegy in Memory of I. Samarin and Piazzolla’s Libertango.  The last piece was a brilliant choice, an uplifting, energized way to end the concert, a dynamic way of celebrating his life instead of mourning his demise.

The Taxi

In memory and praise of Patrick’s refined sense of humour, I am sharing one of his numerous stories, worthy of the fabulous wise fool, Mulla Nasruddin, as told by himself at Carl & Antoinette’s place in Deià, last year. (N. d’A.)

The Taxi

Thursday evening, I was invited to supper in Deià and I drank so much wine I couldn’t drive home to Valldemossa so I took a taxi.

Next morning I couldn’t work out what the taxi was doing in my garage!

Three Times

I have come to Mallorca three times this year: the first to visit my father, the second to bury him, the third to honor him with a concert, as befits his legacy.

While here I visited the lawyer several times (it all seems to be bad news), the embassy, and many of his friends.

Thanks to his friends I have seen amazing things the tourists would never find and enjoyed many wonderful meals in the company of the people who loved Patrick most.

Mallorca is a beautiful place but I need a bit of tranquility at my house before I return again. I am glad that I am here. I am ready to be home.

Concert review (English)

Published in Ultima Hora, 14 Sep 2017


by Emili Gené Vila

(English translation by Nicole.)

Concert review from Ultima Hora newspaper

I remember him playing the double bass or an organ, conducting a chamber orchestra he himself had created, conducting a choir, or directing the Music Festival, a miracle that remains very much alive, eager to recall the enthusiasm with which Patrick turned Deià into a musical world reference. There were moving speeches to remember Patrick Meadows (Susanne Bradbury, an old friend of those heroic and wonderful times, was unable to finish her reading). There were his son, his friends, the owners of Son Marroig, the conductor Misha Rachelevsky — and Stephanie Shepard, present as always. It was an extraordinary concert, outside the original program of the Festival, that served to bid farewell to Patrick with the sadness of the loss (Schnauber’s piece and the elegy in the encore), but also with the elusive joy of music. The Kremlin Chamber Orchestra interpreted some of Patrick’s favourite pieces. In the first half we heard a transfigured Night that lifted the spirit of everyone present. Memorable, as was Tchaikovsky’s Serenade: two pieces that lead the orchestra to its full expression — a young orchestra that sounded as though it was composed only of masters. The concert was excellent in every way: precision, style, pure rhythm and vitality, as well as dynamic, subtle and conclusive in Piazzola’s Libertango — the conductor’s last present to us in the second encore. Vigour and enthusiasm: I can’t think of a better setting to pay tribute to that restless pioneer we all owe so much to.

Cuyos Análisis, Siempre Agudos, Apreciaba Mucho

La amistad que mi mujer y yo mantuvimos con Patrick tenía mas de 20 años. Mi mujer era crítico musical y nos invitaban a los conciertos que organizaban en Son Marroig y otros lugares. Eso fue el origen de una entrañable amistad de muchos encuentros en su casa de Deia y a veces en la nuestra, a pesar de sus dificultades con el idioma español, que se esforzaba en hablar. Continue reading “Cuyos Análisis, Siempre Agudos, Apreciaba Mucho”