Patrick’s Final Stop

Here’s a short YouTube video showing the place where Patrick’s life ended. He was parked very close to this spot and I have to believe (or want to believe) that despite the pain, he walked the short distance to be here, at this place, with the nightingales singing, before returning to his car and the end.


Lionel’s Reflections

Lionel Harrison, who collaborated musically with Patrick for fifteen years.

I am honoured that JP has asked me to make a contribution to this web site.  Patrick was an extraordinary man and to do justice to his character, personality and kind-heartedness would take a literary talent far greater than mine. Patrick undoubtedly possessed such a gift and I shudder to think what he’d make of my efforts but I’ll give it my best shot. Continue reading “Lionel’s Reflections”

Web Site Created

I have just completed the initial setup of the web site, which is dedicated to Patrick and Stephanie.

Over time the site’s content will grow with more pictures and stories, but for now, there are just a few items posted.

Alison has the necessary access rights to add content as well, and Alison has agreed to manage it over the long haul.

Different Last Names

People have asked why our family has so many different last names. Even Patrick’s last name is not that of his father.

For my sisters and aunt it’s easy because of marriages. In my (JP’s) case, I was adopted by my maternal grandparents when I was 12 years old. (Somewhere in my files I still have the letter from Patrick approving the adoption.)

As for Patrick, the West Virginia clerk misspelled it on his birth certificate in 1934 but he didn’t discover it until 1961 when he applied for his first passport.