Friday and Saturday Update

Patrick’s Last Meal

I always say these letters are short summaries, yet they are never short, nor do they sufficiently summarize.

Still, I shall try again.

Yesterday (Friday the 28th) was a full day. Carol deposited me at Patrick’s apartment just as the clock rolled over to this milestone on the calendar, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM. Some delays were routine – dig through my bags for the morning clothes, shower to scrub off the travel grime, answer text and e-mail messages, decide where to sleep – but other delays were less expected. Continue reading “Friday and Saturday Update”

Nachruf (Deutsch)

Dies ist der Nachruf in der 27. April – 3. Mai 2017 Ausgabe (Nummer 17) von Mallorca Magazin veröffentlicht. Es ist auf Seite 39 zu finden.

Nachruf (Deutsch)

Er würde zweifellos Stimmung finden, auf der Kulturseite unter einem Foto von einer oben ohne Schönheit erwähnt zu werden.

Mallorca Magazin p. 39

This is the obituary posted in the 27 April – 3 May 2017 issue (number 17) of Mallorca Magazin. It’s found on page 39.

He would no doubt find humor in being mentioned on the Culture page below a photo of a topless beauty.

Here’s an English translation.

Life Is Like a Tree

Letter to Ivonne on 24 April 2017, posted with her permission:

We all miss Patrick and I know that you miss him very much too. Fortunately we all still have each other. You are especially lucky because you also have your daughter. Her love for you is different, but just as special, just as wonderful, and just as deserving of nourishment.

Life Is Like a Tree

Life is like a tree: we occasionally lose branches, some young, some old, but together all the other branches grow over time to fill in the space left behind, each one shaped a little differently because of the gap they filled. However, we have to remember to care for the tree, the remaining branches, so that we all can thrive. Continue reading “Life Is Like a Tree”

In Memory of Patrick Meadows

Patrick and Steinway
Patrick at the Steinway piano he helped acquire for the music festival.

It is with sadness I must report that my father Patrick Meadows passed away on 22 April 2017.

Here is his obituary in English and in Spanish as written by the Bonner family for the Mallorquin newspapers.

Here’s a link to the video of Patrick’s memorial service on 4 May 2017.

On behalf of my sisters and I and Stephanie’s family, thank you for your kind thoughts in this difficult time.

We are working on a memorial concert on 13 September 2017 but we need sponsors to make this concert a reality.

Continue reading “In Memory of Patrick Meadows”