Patrick’s Childhood Memories

Here’s a recording from 2014 in which Patrick recalls his childhood, specifically how his family would can foods in the summer and eat them in the winter.

PM: We canned green beans and tomatoes and I think peas, canned peas, and so of course all winter we had that stuff from the garden. When you emptied the mason jars – there was a hole under the back porch steps – you’d it throw it the hole and they’d be Continue reading “Patrick’s Childhood Memories”

Patrick Recommends “Tomorrow La Scala!”

Here’s a recording from 7 Oct 2014 while we’re enjoying dinner.

When Patrick says Next La Scala he’s actually referring to a film called Tomorrow La Scala!

The woman who made Four Last Songs is Francesca Joseph. Before that she made a film for BBC called Next La Scala, and it’s based on Sweeney Todd.


It’s based on her experience. She went through a prison with murderers and had them perform Sweeney Todd. That’s the basis of the film. It’s all these prisoners acting this thing out, about killing and so on.

It’s a beautiful film. If you get a chance to see it, you should check it out.   It’s called Next La Scala and she’s the director.   You can find it on IMDB.

It’s a good film and because of that she got funding for Four Last Songs.

How Patrick Ended Up In College

Transcription of a conversation with Patrick on 2 October 2014 during the drive to the 2014 Prescott Rally, talking about how he managed to get into college and how he met my mom Donna.

JP: You were talking about Florida State.

Patrick: I had no idea I was going to go to college. Never occurred to me to think to go to college. In Winter Park High School for some reason, unknown to anybody, I was in the 98th percentile in that test they give you at the end. The principal called me in and he suggested that I consider college and he talked to the band leader—I was the captain of the band and assistant director of the male chorus for the choir, and I’d been playing piano with a group in high school—so they thought that— Continue reading “How Patrick Ended Up In College”