Conversation about Period Pianos

Conversation With Patrick Period Pianos on 18th November about 11:30 p.m., 2011. I’ll see if I can find the recording and share it later. This is an imperfect transcription.

P The guy who made up the first ________? for the piano. Won’t come to me now. Anyway, this little piano museum in Concert Hall is named after him. So we went there to hear …
J This was Vienna you said?
P Mm?
J Vienna?
P No, in Florence.
J Oh, Florence, Florence.
P Ja, so the guy who made the first pianos Continue reading “Conversation about Period Pianos”

Patrick Talks about Food

The recording for this conversation is too large to upload to this site. If there is interest I will convert to a YouTube video and add a link. Let me know.

JP: We are sitting in “Cappucino Restaurant” in Valldemossa. It’s about 4:30 PM on the 16th November [2011]. Hopefully the date/time stamp on the digital recorder is corrected now. So … talk about food.

PM: Well, the first thing I remember is walking to school with my first bottle of milk that my mother put in a bag. I was in the first grade. The bag got wet. The bag got wet and the bottle fell through, smashed on the sidewalk and I went back home. I didn’t go to school. Continue reading “Patrick Talks about Food”

Patrick’s Message to Grand Kids and Much More

Here’s a conversation between Patrick and me on far-ranging subjects and beginning with his message to the grand kids, as a YouTube video using a bunch of still photos from 2011. Warning: it’s about 40 minutes long. The transcription follows.

(I couldn’t add it directly to this web page because of the file size.)

Here’s the transcription:

JP: Well, it’s about 1:15 in the morning on the 16th of November 2011 Continue reading “Patrick’s Message to Grand Kids and Much More”

Conversation about Meeting Donna

Here’s a transcription of a conversation between Patrick and JP on 16 Nov 2011 at a restaurant. The audio file is too large to post on this site. If there’s interest I’ll see about adding it to YouTube.

JD: Well Donna was seventeen, right? I think, she went to school …

PM: When was she born? I don’t know.

JP: I think she was born in ’38 which would make her 16. Continue reading “Conversation about Meeting Donna”