Patrick’s Recollections of Childhood

Patrick sent this story to me almost 20 years ago, in 1998. It’s a bit of a disjointed, free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness kind of thing, autobiographical and focused on his childhood and his family members, but its tone turns regretful near the end. I haven’t edited out the typos and such yet.

Mother is Gin. Father is Paul. My brother is Jack, my sister Sue, and I am Pat.

I remember my father as a thin man with a widow’s peak, his fine black hair slicked back over his skull. He could see almost nothing without his spectacles, rimless, as thick as the bottom of a pop bottle. Continue reading “Patrick’s Recollections of Childhood”

My Time With Pat – High School and College in the Mid-1950’s

Imagine Pat, Dave Wade, George Sikorsky, Toby Knowles, and me in the living room of a basement apartment listening to plastic disks of jazz and other stuff.  I remember particularly the operetta, Golden Apple and we were all taken by the lyrics of Lazy Afternoon.  Then someone would chime,  “It’s Mecca Time” and we went out into the night the couple blocks to be sure we could get our last snack before the coffee shop closed.

I first knew Pat in High school.  Continue reading “My Time With Pat – High School and College in the Mid-1950’s”

High School Pictures of Patrick and Friends

Patrick’s friend from Winter Park High School and Florida State University, Lee Liming, sent me these pictures to include on the web site. Lee also traveled with Patrick to Oregon to be a lumberjack, then on to San Francisco and so on.

He has also forwarded some stories that I’ll upload later. He reports that he is the tall one in to pictures, and Pat’s brother Jack is present in some of these. Continue reading “High School Pictures of Patrick and Friends”

Although We Never Met in Person

A kind note from Wiesbaden, who worked with Patrick without ever meeting him.

Dear John Patrick,

With deep regret we learned about your father’s death.

Although we never met in person we always enjoyed working with him and greatly valued our cooperation. All of us at HARRASSOWITZ who had the privilege to work with your father would like to extend our sincere sympathy at your loss.

Please accept our warmest condolences to you at this difficult time.

In sympathy

Eva Tiemann and colleagues from the HARRASSOWITZ Music Department