Flying out of Palma

I remember taking off from Palma in March of last year. As we climbed out over the mountains at sunset, I quietly wept, fearing that I had just seen Patrick alive for the last time.

Then I told myself that I have to replace that image with something more positive. I must try to visualize coming back again in the fall to see him.

But creative visualization only goes so far. It does not override reality in all cases.

The Ballad of the Glonk

The Ballad of the Glonk

In honor of my new status as a grandfather to baby Max, it is time to post

The Ballad of the Glonk

which is a children’s book that Patrick wrote in the 1960s, illustrated by Dan Christoffel. He told me he’d tried to get it published, but the editors of the day didn’t want stories of a single mother protecting her children without having a man coming in to rescue her. Continue reading “The Ballad of the Glonk”

As a New Grandfather

JP poses next to John’s self-portrait (John was JP’s granddaddy who later adopted him)

About 12 hours ago I became a grandfather for the first time. I’m now “Granddaddy John” for Baby Max, and I’m delighted.

Patrick was a grandfather four times over. In his last years he even prepared to adopt the youngest if necessary in order to insure a healthy, stable future for her.

I am excited, ecstatic even, that I have my grandson Max in my life, but at the same time Continue reading “As a New Grandfather”

About Dr. Weightnovel, Patrick’s Unfinished Book

Here’s a conversation with Patrick from 24 March 2017 in which he talks about a novel called Dr. Weightnovel he would never finish. He did, however, get the cover artwork made, I think by Phil Shepherd.

Artwork by Phil, for the unfinished book

Patrick: Let’s see… Why did I start looking at it online? When I first heard about him, [Dr. Weightnovel] I was interested and you could go to the newspapers in those days, but now you can search through the newspaper electronically.

JP: Yes.

Patrick: That’d be easier, but then I just had this one article from Nelda Clemens, telling what she had learned about this guy, which was not much. He was convicted of an abortion in which the young lady died., so he’s put into jail for life at hard labor. That’s how much I had in the beginning. Continue reading “About Dr. Weightnovel, Patrick’s Unfinished Book”

Another Short Conversation

A short recording (25 Mar ’17)  in which you can tell Patrick’s pain is clearly getting to him, yet he still shows his sense of humor.

John: Any interesting stories or any practical things you want to …?

Patrick: I’ll have to try to… I can’t think. Let’s see.

Continue reading “Another Short Conversation”